Community Supported Agriculture In Los Angeles and San Francisco

A great way to prevent the damage that Monsanto and the FDA are trying to enforce on local and national farmers as well as the health of every individual in the world by attempting to make GMO food the norm, is to buy directly from local farmers. And they are making it absurdly easy for you city folks.

Local USDA approved organic farmers provide service to their community by directly delivering local organic fruits and vegetables all over the country.  Los Angeles and San Francisco have a particularly nice setup due to the nice farming peops over at

This is how it works…you can choose between 4 different sizes of boxes, small (1-2 people) regular (2-4), more (4-5) and monster (5-6).  Only fruits and vegetables are available with a variety of 6 different choices of mixtures, with an allowable substitution of 1 fruit for a fruit and 1 veggie for a veggie, so the array of choices is somewhat diverse.  You can choose veggies that need to be cooked or ones that can be eaten out of the box for the “on the go” type.  A regular box size is about as big as a welcome mat and a little over a foot high, which is rather chunky.  The cost for a regular is $31, $25 for a small and you can choose the frequency of an order from 1 week to monthly.  No contracts and everything can be adjusted via your online account.  The best thing is that they deliver right to your door free of charge.  It’s much cheaper for you whole foods shoppers.  If this sounds like an honest deal visit and place an order under promo code 0887. Thanx.  Then you can make these garlic fries that Yia Yia used to make.


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