Everything changes at the change of the global cycle 2027 we’re in (industrial cycle), that started in 1610.  The autive circuit is going to change mutatively in the solar plexus.  Histidine (codon) is going to have autistic people communicating with their solar plexus.  Resulting from the alteration of the 55th gate of the I ching, which also is the catalyst of spike in prostate cancer.  Autism is a precursor to the mutation.  I presume they’re a bit early.

All you wombats wanting to see something materialize like a wombat apocalypse, don’t worry about it, you won’t notice a thing.  Carry on snappaahs.



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An All or Nothing Kinda Cosmos



Migrating to the point of this event focuses on the inception of the American slumber at it’s constitutional root which requires examination of the separation tool which has unified us all, in determination of the ultimate outcome which results for most American men which is on the couch with your hand down your pants in a synaptic stupor.  This analyzation requires working backwards constitutionally in branch-root fashion.  As the final installment of snapper head- dom unfolds, the belief that this would in fact lead to the causation, in idiotic Amercian scientist examination mode (Because all the smart ones are killed or in prison) in hypothesized scientifically American experimental fashion (completely ignoring all laws of quantum physics and any natural law that existed since the beginning of time)  leading to three different factors of causation.  Primarily, the middle American diet sending one hypoglycemic stupor for 4/5 of life before the ultimate onset of diabetes and wondering why your kids bounced off the wall for two decades and shit their pants on city buses prior to pharmaceutical application ultimately forcing a tv stupor (which is considered an unbeatable root power for the sake of this experimentation).  The music distributed by the recording industry worldwide which records in frequencies (Hz)  that jar and disrupt human consciousness.  And finally the language utilized by a small number of ruling elitist/families/aliens in an attempt to take over the cosmos will all be considered.

As a preliminary side note addressing the fact that Hillary’s hubby was the acting reason media giants were enabled to seize the airwaves and completely devour the human mind (which I felt needed correction) is necessary. Pez dispenser eating, red-stated middle americans must be aware of this before you go into a hypoglycemic seizure prior to the end of this post and should completely ignore the aspect of the dual governmental figure headed role play (In toxic couple-like national exhibitionists) which never cesses in it’s goal of ping pong blame duping for power.

I must interject with an ecceclticaly enhanced culinary occurrence-like thought…so much for your attention therapy hebevours.  As synthetically investigating the American mindset I devour like the dream slowly devours our synapses, I flashback to the best burger/burger like meal ever ingested in a gas station in Nebraska in sloppy joe presentation (with some spiced culinary pluck of course, (not the burger, the rhymes)).

Blueberry basil donought thighs

Warm mouth reduction, don’t pasteurize

Kiesh, red miso, peach martini

Ray bans, whale sharks, Lambroghini

Hut 1, Hut 2….redundancy

slow death, bell’s palsy, Rich Cimini

Enzymes, chelates, raw food scenes

Chakras, crystals, no coosheens

maple bacon, tattooed T’s, clucking hens

Forgiato rims, happenings, kiesh again


Of course my investigating initially points to the fact that we are the only planet and galaxy for that matter without sound emanating atmospherically, which has been infiltrated by the ignorance and malisciousness of the music industry, and that the powers that be duped human consciousness yet again.  But the hypothesis failed, because the majority of middle-americans are just plane fat, too fat to be affected by sound.

Now you may think that with the music recording scene recorded at thought crushing ignorance, jolting blood sugar levels that wreak havoc on perspective, and jooches with nothing to do but stare in front of mind warping lingo without knowing for decades; all contribute to rotting with your hands down your pants.  But it’s not true, blood sugar levels have nothing to do with the outcome.  You guys are already at your biochemical floor to let diabetes further impact you negatively.

Let’s recap. So it’s not that manipulation of sound pounding the back of your medulla oblongatas.  It’s not the hypoglycemia nor diabetes nor your pharmaceutically perscribed 10 year old drinking a slurpy with his fingers in the adjacent room.   All factors may be a contributor, but not the real reason why you perennially sit on the couch with your hands down your pants.  The reason you sit on the couch with your hands down your pants is because you like the smell.


If a tree falls in a living room…..and there’s no one there to see it,  do you smell that too?





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All The Answers

I’m feeling standoffish, and you know what happens when  I feel standoffish.  Are you paying attention styrofoam?  Cause I’d search for the lost episodes as they have the most catalyst to infamous malnutritioned complacency you lulled the nation into through the majority of the 80’s and 90’s.

And if I see another Bee doing a jig on concrete in non bee-like fashion one more consecutive day, I’m probably just gonna spew more jargon than what’s left on a hookers face when a democratic convention comes to town.  Which spawns a thought: maybe you guys should stop kidding yourself about how much better the elephants are than those jackasses.  Maybe those are the same people who still have roundup in their garages, and if so It wouldn’t be such a bad idea if those people threw themselves off a bridge because there is a very good chance that your stupidity will be too valuable for the bad aliens and they will most likely catch you and deem you invaluable for the end goals to their agenda.  Consider it a test of faith.  How are we the only country that cannot get a company poisoning our food supply on macro levels while eluding to healthy efficiency in sinister fashion and not think that there is a goal of desiring people exiting this country?  And for what reason?


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Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 6.02.02 AM


As you can see, I am an true open G center (identity/Personality) and a true open heart center, I have none of my own emotions, I have open sacral center (sex center) so 2 of 3 motors are not there.  I am a PROJECTOR.  I also have many connections which are splenic (intuition).  This is something you do not have to believe, IT DEMONSTRATES ITSELF


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